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Healthy Recipes From "Eat Yourself Younger Effortlessly "

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Tasty Dinners...

Shrimp Curry Dinner

Shrimp Curry Dinner

The spices in this dish are a gift to longevity. Look for one of the ingredient in curry powder, turmeric to show up as a warrior in the fight against breast and prostate cancer. Besides this fighter you have ginger which is great for the digestion and cinnamon to manage your blood sugar levels. But the greatest gift of this recipe is that the taste is delectable and it is one of the best ways to eat younger and stay slender.

Grilled Salmon Steaks with Orange Sauce

Grilled Salmon Steaks
with Orange Sauce

This is one dish that should be on your menu every week. Your skin will glow and your heart will be happy with all the beneficial omega 3 oil. This is a fish dish with a good health attitude. It is a quick, easy and tasty recipe that satisfies with no guilt.

Cornish Hens Dinner

Cornish Hens Dinner

Designed for whenever you feel like celebrating. Cornish hens can take the place of turkey and still make a big entrance. They have less fat than chicken, so you can eat the skin and the size allows you to stay within a healthy portion size.