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About the Book

This book helps you to:

  • Cook a variety of food that is delicious, powerful and balancing to keep you looking and feeling great as you age.

  • Improve your options to gain knowledge and experience while cooking with different foods that are both satisfying and beneficial.

  • Control your personal eating, increase confidence and maintain youthfulness with menus, recipes and information to make excellent choices for breakfast, snacks, dinner and lunch.

  • Extend your possibilities to reach a healthy weight without feeling hungry.

  • Slow ageing and prevent degenerative diseases with an eating plan that gives full nutritional value through out the day, and keeps you in great health as you mature.

  • Enjoy foods that give you more energy to have increased vigor and vitality.

  • Most of all have the choices and variety of food that will nurture your soul as well as your body, so cook and eat from this book if you want to delight your spirit.


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