Wellness Coaching Sessions  

Coaching with Celia will not only help you reshape your diet, but also adjust your mindset to ultimately create the successful healthy life you desire.

Celia uses the wisdom and experience of her whole life as a cell biologist - growing and understanding the nature of human cells - As a child abuse counselor understanding the human factor and - as a college lecturer in cell and molecular biology

Celia will help you to take specific action steps proven to produce rich results and be successful with your wellness goals. Imagine being able to make the right decisions that can move you from unsure to acting with purpose and passion.

One of the benefits of personal wellness coaching is that you acquire the skill to easily have more power over your health. Your experience will reveal exactly what's holding you back and how to create your own personal wellness blueprint all the way to success.

Celia's coaching will help you to establish strategies that create a winning, lasting plan of action. But best of all, you will get feedback that will easily move you to victory.

With this kind of support and objectivity you will easily learn how to deal with setbacks of change, so that you keep moving forward to success.

If your desire is to support lasting change, you will acquire a new objectivity to move you quickly to lasting success.

You will open your awareness to new strengths, keep your focus and use successful solutions geared to realizing your goals.

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Valeria Aiello Testimonial

Hello, my name is Valerie Aiello, and this is my testimony regarding my wellness sessions with Celia Westberry.

I am an Art Director, record producer and musician in Los Angeles. When I started my weekly sessions with Celia, I was working a 50-hour work week.. I was stressed and tired. I was having trouble eating right, and having time to focus on my body, my dreams and goals for my future….  After my sessions ended, it seemed that I went back to my old ways. Then, from time to time, I would pull out my notes, and just try to reconnect with my ideas and vision that Celia helped me formulate to take control of my existence.

Now 4 months after my sessions with Celia, when I look at my life, and how it has changed, I am thankful coaching helped me to unlock something inside that was ready to come out.  No, I have not experienced all of my goals, but my life is drastically different, and I am really living my dream.

When dealing with food she uses her experience as a cooking coach to help you boost your enthusiasm for fresh food preparation. And to uplift your energy and spirituality, you will get the benefits of her 20 years of yoga practice and her quest for the truth. With this you can expect to reach and exceed your wellness goals.

I am amazed by the power of sharing my thoughts and goals with someone like Celia Westberry. Although I know I could do it on my own eventually, I feel like I got a head start in the transformation of me.

…Valeria Aiello