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Personal Healthy Eating Support

Celia can also help you with your weight loss goals through a personal coaching program either by meeting directly or through conference calls.

Managing The Ageing Process with Healthy Eating

Want to learn more about Healthy eating affects how we age?

Here is a series of Ezine Articles tailored to help you learn more about the eating lifestyle including elements discussed in the book!

 How Managing Stress Can Slow Your Ageing.

 Read about an Incredible Edible Healthy Aging Food

 Escape Diabetes The 3 Keys to Beating Prediabetes

 Secrets of a Diabetic Diet That Works

 Slow Your Aging---Eat Yourself Younger With Foods That Stop Cancer and Also Slow Your Aging

 Detoxify Your System---3 Unlikely Foods that Detoxify Your System

 Foods That Lower Blood Sugar---3 Very Satisfying Foods That Lower Your Blood Sugar