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Healthy Recipes From "Eat Yourself Younger Effortlessly "

Delicious Salads | Flavorful Soups | Tasty Dinners
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Click on the links above to see sample recipes from the "Eat Yourself Younger" book.

Anyone who has made, or desires to make a shift in consciousness about nourishment, sustenance and choice of foods, can read this book and have a head start.

The steps are simple. Choose natural fresh food, follow the menu section and prepare the recipes in this book, you will make that start!

The glossary and introduction at the top of the menus are designed to help you get a keener understanding of vital substances in food.

Choosing these foods can help you manage your own aging process, so as not be bothered by non pathogenic symptoms of aging.

Enjoy the book's great recipes!

– Celia Westberry