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Praise for Celia Westberry and Eat Yourself Younger Effortlessly

“Eat Yourself Younger … Effortlessly,” delivers the promise to give you information to feel younger, look better, and live longer  by using ”body friendly foods.” The knowledge is captured simply, clearly, and holistically. Recipes, and other directions can be easily followed, and the information shows Health Coach Celia Westberry’s integrity and compelling competence. Delight your body and your spirit. Read, digest, and act on this wisdom, if you want to live a better life.

---Philip Guy Rochford, Success Coach and Author of Infinite Possibilities & The Executive Speaks.

"My life is wonderful, I feel very blessed, but being a teacher and mother to three elementary age girls keeps me exhaustingly busy. I wish I had more time and more energy…more time with my family. Celia explained where we get our energy and how to channel it to have as much energy as possible. Celia opened my eyes to things we take for granted, like breathing. She taught me the effects awareness plays on our daily lives and how being aware and in control of our body, mind and spirit makes all the difference. I was amazed at the immediate change in my spirit and health after only our first coaching. I noticed a dramatic change in my energy level which in turn lifted my spirit… The more I stopped to notice what was occurring in my life the more I wanted to make improvements… Celia helped me to face change….I am now empowered with a renewed sense of control, joy, and clarity that will stay with me for a lifetime."

---Juliet Weigand

Celia Westberry makes eating what your body wants tasty. Move over Dr. Perricone, Westberry's way is here! I love the recipes and menu plans, so much more effective than leaving us to figure out how to implement the right foods into our lives.

---Stephanie Bacak, Owner, Frontier Marketing International, LLC

This book should have happened a long time ago. It is good for the person who is busy and needs to depend on a reference for good, wholesome and tasteful food, without using a lot of effort and time.

---Pearl Smith, Attorney at law

If you follow the hints and directions given and eat from the recipes in this book, you will have a more satisfying, fulfilling and healthy life!

---Chef Mark Powers

I personally have had the opportunity to eat and enjoy many of Celia’s dishes. She really knows how to combine food to be nutritious and taste wonderful,

---Cindy Burrows, Herbalist and Nutrition Consultant